Know your condensers!

Here are some great diagrams of laboratory to pilot scale condensers. Some of these are custom built and are rarely seen in use! We would love to see an actual picture of a Bruun!


Left to Right:

  1. Vigreux or Vigreaux (SGI). Glass indentations and drip tips along the column length. Mostly useless for spirits production.
  2. Snyder (SGI). Glass floating ball valves physically move up and down between the column sections as the vapor rises, increasing vapor-liquid interaction.
  3. Widmer (SGI).
  4. Bruun (SGI). Designed by Dr. J. H. Bruun (1931). Bubble caps with external side arms where valves and take-offs can be mounted at any stage.
  5. Oldershaw (SGI). Perforated plates with drain tubes between each stage. Very efficient for spirits rectification.
  6. Hartzler (Aldrich). Designed by Harold E. Hartzler, Goshen, IN. Combines a coil and Allihn.
  7. Triple Jacket (Aldrich). Designed for highly volatile compounds.


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