Know your dividing heads!

Here are pictures (courtesy of SGI) of liquid-dividing and vapor-dividing glass distillation heads. We own both types, however, at Mohawk Spirits, we prefer the liquid-dividing head (liquid management distillation).  We use a large 71/60 head, similar to the one at left below, at the top of a vacuum-jacketed silvered perforated plate column.

Left: Liquid dividing head (swing-bucket); Center: Vapor dividing head (vertical plunger through the Allihn condenser); Right: Liquid dividing head with integrated Allihn condensor.

The yellow lightning bolts indicate where a temporary external magnetic field is applied to the head. The magnetic field is created using a solenoid-type coil that is energized using an automatic reflux ratio timer. The magnetic field attracts a glass-lined ferrous rod, which physically moves a swing-bucket (side to side, liquid dividing), or a plunger (up and down, vapor dividing). The blue arrows show the path of the condensate when the magnetic field is applied.

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