Magnetic liquid dividing distillation head

In case you have never seen one, here is a very large 71/60 SGI liquid-dividing head. The silvering has been removed in this unit from a repair, which allows even more of the intricate glassblowing work to be seen. This head sits on top of a tall glass perforated plate Oldershaw column, and the entire unit is under vacuum.  The glycol condenser, running at about -3.0’C to 0.0’C  sits ontop of this unit, and the condensate falls back onto the metal band seen near the top. The magnetic divider is at left, and the distillate takeoff is at right.  A thermocouple is also at right to monitor the reflux temperature. The septum for the thermocouple and the solenoid for the swing bucket are not in this picture.

Many thanks to Dan and the team at Q Glass in Towaco, NJ for making an internal repair on this for us!


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