Aronia Liqueur and a Volumetric Bottle !

We just finished producing our first run of Aronia Liqueur, just in time for entry to the American Distilling Institute’s International Judging of Craft Spirits for 2018. This liqueur is made from the black chokeberry, harvested here in upstate New York by hand. It takes a LOT of berries to make enough to process into a product that is not too bitter and astringent, so this is a very limited run.

To complement such a rare product, and in keeping with our organic chemistry heritage, we selected 200mL class B glass volumetric flasks as the packaging! Yes, these are real, new laboratory-grade flasks and can be reused after drinking the product. They have ground glass stoppers and are sealed with a “traditional” wrap of Parafilm.

We hope you enjoy our interesting packaging concept – We will do more for very limited release or rare products in 2018.


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