Magnetic liquid dividing distillation head

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In case you have never seen one, here is a very large 71/60 SGI liquid-dividing head. The silvering has been removed in this unit from a repair, which allows even more of the intricate glassblowing work to be seen. This head sits on top of a tall glass perforated plate Oldershaw column, and the entire

Know your dividing heads!

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Here are pictures (courtesy of SGI) of liquid-dividing and vapor-dividing glass distillation heads. We own both types, however, at Mohawk Spirits, we prefer the liquid-dividing head (liquid management distillation).  We use a large 71/60 head, similar to the one at left below, at the top of a vacuum-jacketed silvered perforated plate column. Left: Liquid dividing

Wrecked Condenser!

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This gem was a highly efficient pilot-scale condenser, made by Adams-Chittenden. It was found online and was to be a great addition to our 200L pot as the primary condenser. Unfortunately, those internal cooling coils are subject to vibration damage, and snapped off internally in transit. The exterior glass shell remained intact. There is no

The 200L Glass Pot Arrives

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2015 ended in the coolest way when our 200L glass reactor arrived safety by freigh this afternoon. This beautiful piece of glassware (a chemist's dream!) is made by QVF, and is typically a process or pilot plant item. The glass reactor sits in a hemispherical heating mantle. Finding chemical glassware of this size at surplus