Mohawk Spirits Distillery Wins Silver Medal at ADI 2018

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We are very excited about winning the Silver Medal in the Liqueurs category of the American Distilling Institute's International Judging of Craft Spirits.  Our Pawpaw liqueur won the medal! We grow this amazing native fruit here in New York, which is made into a tropical-tasting liqueur with banana, apple, and caramel notes.    

Aronia Liqueur and a Volumetric Bottle !

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We just finished producing our first run of Aronia Liqueur, just in time for entry to the American Distilling Institute's International Judging of Craft Spirits for 2018. This liqueur is made from the black chokeberry, harvested here in upstate New York by hand. It takes a LOT of berries to make enough to process into

MSD Wins Silver Medal at 2017 ADI International Judging of Craft Spirits

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Mohawk Spirits Distillery won a Silver Medal for its Strawberry Liqueur at the 2017 ADI Judging of Craft Spirits, and international judging competition. Our strawberry liqueur is made from strawberries grown in nearby Stone Arabia, New York, hand-picked, and hand de-topped. Mohawk Spirits Distillery 2017 Silver Medal

International Pawpaw Conference at Frankfort, KY

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Eric from Mohawk Spirits was able to attend the international pawpaw conference at Kentucky State University, which was also the  100th anniversary of the 1916 American Genetics Best Pawpaw Contest! Attendees hailed from all over the world, and many interesting presentations and hands-on demonstrations were enjoyed. Below are the generally-recognized pawpaw "celebrities", luminaries, and leading

North American Pawpaw Growers Association

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Mohawk Spirits is now a proud member of the North American Pawpaw Growers Association (NAPGA). We have a nursery containing 293 seedlings and 12 semi-mature trees of 8 varietals. As producers of pawpaw liqueur, we are very committed to establishing the pawpaw in central New York and expanding its popularity here.

Strawberry Season Harvest

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Mohawk Spirits has just secured it first 150 pounds of organic strawberries from the Dutch Barn Farm in Stone Arabia! Most of these strawberries will be processed and fermented for distilling later. They are incredibly tart and sweet and bright red, perfect specimens for our strawberry liqueur, debuting later this year. 60 pounds of