The Giant Medlar (Mespilus germanica)

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In 2018, we planted two medlar trees (Breda varietal), and we were lucky enough to have fruit in the first year! The picture below shows what a medlar fruit looks like. The fruit, after harvesting, needs to blet (cold cure) and then it will soften. The taste is similar to apple sauce. We only had

Mohawk Spirits Distillery Wins Silver Medal at ADI 2018

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We are very excited about winning the Silver Medal in the Liqueurs category of the American Distilling Institute's International Judging of Craft Spirits.  Our Pawpaw liqueur won the medal! We grow this amazing native fruit here in New York, which is made into a tropical-tasting liqueur with banana, apple, and caramel notes.    

Aronia Liqueur and a Volumetric Bottle !

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We just finished producing our first run of Aronia Liqueur, just in time for entry to the American Distilling Institute's International Judging of Craft Spirits for 2018. This liqueur is made from the black chokeberry, harvested here in upstate New York by hand. It takes a LOT of berries to make enough to process into